• North Atlantic Camp & Dive Adventure

North Atlantic Camp & Dive Adventure

Aug 22 - 30 

This unique adventure for exprienced divers and campers explores rarely visited shipwrecks and islands of North Atlantic waters. Mandatory self-reliant skills in and above water for this arduous expedition. Hundreds of ships struck the rocks coming into Halifax Harbour. Incredibly, ships lie on top of ships on many of the rocks.  To get a sense of the scale of these shoals, the rocks range in size from that of a house to an underwater mountain range. These ledges bear cautionary names like, Mad Rock, Black Rock, Shag Rock, The Bull, Broad Breaker, Devils Rock and more.  One such ledge, just below the surface, is a notorious obstruction at the mouth of the harbor known as “Blind Sisters Ledge”.  These barricades are above the surface or obscured by boiling waves at low tide. At high tide, they remain hidden below the surface, especially when the sea is calm. In foggy weather, they are a treacherous obstacle for captains and pilots entering the harbor.  W E/S 70 -200 feet


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