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W-S - 140 Ft The Norwegian freighter Hvoslef was torpedoed and sank off Fenwick Shoal on March 10, 1942 by the U-94.    Find Out More


W-S - 120 Ft This wreck got its name from the first few divers to get there, who struck it rich in lobsters in its wooden ribs and decking. The wreckage is very well spread out in several line... Find Out More

Jacob Jones

W-S - 120 Ft The Jacob Jones (DD-130) is a US navy destroyer sunk on Feb 28, 1942. She was torpedoed by the U-578 in two places (the bridge and stern) before sinking. Gun shells are commonly p... Find Out More


W-S - 130 Ft This converted sub chaser was sank while patrolling off Cape May, New Jersey, due to a collision with the US Destroyer Greer on October 15, 1942. This once luxurious private yacht... Find Out More

R.P. Resor

W-S - 130 Ft R.P. Resor was carrying 78,729 barrels (12,517 m3 (442,000 cu ft)) of crude oil to be carried to Fall River, Massachusetts. She had a crew of 41 and carried an ensign and eight Un... Find Out More

Admiral Dupont

E-S - 140 Ft Often referred to as the Offshore Paddle Wheeler, this wreck awaits positive identification. Recently, in light of the identification of a luggage tag, evidence now points to... Find Out More