• Moonstone


W-S - 130 Ft

This converted sub chaser was sank while patrolling off Cape May, New Jersey, due to a collision with the US Destroyer Greer on October 15, 1942. This once luxurious private yacht was well outfitted with a 3-inch deck gun that still sits in place on the bow. Much of the hull has collapsed, pancaking the decks below. The intact hull leans to the port side. Teak decks are in fair condition after nearly 60 years. Divers can find artifacts including personal crew items by digging in the sand aft of the collapsed wheelhouse. Divers beware: What remains of the depth charges still lie in racks in place on the stern. DO NOT DISTURB OR RECOVER THESE! Visibility is usually excellent on this wreck and the depth, 125 feet, makes a good choice for advanced wreck divers.

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