• Northern Pacific

Northern Pacific

E-S - 150 Ft

On February 8, 1922, the Northern Pacific caught fire, burned and rolled over sinking 30 miles south of Cape May. Used as a troopship during World War I for over a dozen Atlantic crossings it was first dived in the late sixties by John Dudas, the Northern Pacific sits turtle in 150 feet of water.  In the mid-seventies Danny Bresette recovered a propeller hub with ship's name positively identifying the site. This massive wreck yields numerous portholes and today is starting to bust open near the bow and midships.  Rus Bergeron and Barb Mortensen recovered a large 8 foot fog horn in the mid nineties from the forward stack which can be seen at Atlantic Divers.  New areas of disintegration  have recently allowed further access into the interior of the passenger liner.  Portholes will soon be overlooked for far more rewarding discoveries.

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