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W - 90 Ft

The Tolten was built in 1938, with a 280 foot length. This Chilean freighter, was a neutral ship during the war, but when unloading in the US. The Tolten was required to follow US Navy guidelines of running with the lights blacked out. On Friday March 13, 1942 bad luck struck; the Tolten was torpedoed by U-404.

Today the contiguous wreckage can be navigated from the stern to the bow.Many large trophy lobster have been caught here over the decades. Numerous bugs set up homes throughout the debris and beams. In the late eighties a 26 lb. lobster was caught just under the stern by two divers on separate dives. One diver recovered the carapace after a preceding diver recovered only the crusher claw. The claw weighed 13 lbs. half the titanic bug's weight!


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