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W-S - 90 Ft On February 6, 1910, the salvage tug Nina departed Norfolk, Virginia bound for Boston, Massachusetts. She was last sighted off the Capes of the Chesapeake during a gale. ... Find Out More

Cherokee (Gunboat Wreck)

W-S - 90 Ft Lost in a storm on February 26, 1918, this tug remains upright on the sandy bottom. In the bow area and on the port side brass casings and assorted hardware have been uncovered by ... Find Out More

City of Athens

W-S - 120 Ft This passenger steamer sank in a collision with the French armored cruiser La Gloire on May 1, 1918. Today, the remains provide the artifact and lobster hunter an infini... Find Out More

City of Georgetown

W-S - 110 Ft The City of Georgetown lies in 110 ft of water. She has little relief, maybe 5 ft. Her wooden hull is pretty much sanded in and appears to be split into three sections. She is mos... Find Out More

Blenny Sub

W-S - 70 Ft USS Blenny (SS/AGSS-324), a Balao-class submarine in commission from 1944-1969, was a ship of the United States Navy named for the Blenny, a fish found along the rocky shores of th... Find Out More


W-S - 120 Ft The wreckage at the site plotted is a likely match for the iron-hulled side-wheel steamship Champion. The wreck was long known as the "inshore paddlewheeler". Find Out More

China Wreck

W-S - 45 Feet Known as the "China Wreck" because of the cargo of English chinaware she was carrying. Discovered in 1970 during routine hydrographic survey. It is possible to have burned a... Find Out More

San Gil

W-S - 125 Ft The San Gil sunk in 1942 after being torpedoed by the U-103. She is a 3000+ ton freighter built in Belfast, Ireland for the United States Fruit Company . The San Gil sits at 125 f... Find Out More