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E-S - 165 Ft On September 1, 1920, the USS S-5 submarine submerged for a test run. The main induction valve flooded the control room, engine room, torpedo room, and motor room. All crew members sur... Find Out More

Max's Wreck

E-S - 155 Ft This steamer was discovered by Atlantic Divers in 1989 on the dive boat Down Deep. The wreck was named after Captain Bob Meimbresse's dog that was on board that day. It has recentl... Find Out More

Northern Pacific

E-S - 150 Ft On February 8, 1922, the Northern Pacific caught fire, burned and rolled over sinking 30 miles south of Cape May. Used as a troopship during World War I for over a dozen Atlantic ... Find Out More


E-S - 150 Ft This offshore wreck was first discovered and later positively identified by Atlantic Divers.  The wreck lies 53 miles off Cape May, New Jersey in 165 feet of saltwater. ... Find Out More


E-S - 140 Ft Rarely visited, this massive teak decked wind jammer with auxiliary steam power was thought to be the Brazilian freighter Cayru lost during WWII. Here the teak helm... Find Out More

Brian C

E-S - 140 Ft The Brian C tug was lost in a storm on November 13, 1979, 40 miles off Cape May.  A dramatic rescue was made by a Coast Guard helicopter crew and rescue divers as she slipped... Find Out More

Misty Blue

E-S - 140 Ft Built in 1976, this Commercial Clammer sunk for unknown reasons on April 12, 1983.   Find Out More


E-S - 150 Ft This 470 foot twin screw tanker was built in 1925. In January 1942, the Varanger was torpedoed by the U-130. The wreck lies in 150 feet of water, about 28 miles off of Atlantic Ci... Find Out More