Novice or New Diver

Green Light Blinker (William B. Diggs)

N-W 45 Ft The Diggs is often referred to as the 'Green Light Blinker' due to the navigation aid located nearby. A wooden hulled barge that sank in 1934. Plentiful in cold water coral, muscl... Find Out More

Clermont Dredge

N - 45 ft This shallow wreck lies in 45 feet of water and used mostly for training. However, it is an excellent spot for spearfishing. This large, steam-powered dredge was used to dig the Dela... Find Out More

Two Tugs

N - 70 Ft Part of the Cape May reef, Allen R tug was sank in 2004 within a few feet of the Georgia Moran. An excellent dive for flounder, seabass, and to work on navig... Find Out More

Cecilia J Brown

N-W - 60 ft Built in 1944, by Decatur Iron and Steel of Decatur, Alabama ( hull #DPC-42 ) as the DPC-42 for the United States Defense Plant Corporation. The tug was later sold and renamed... Find Out More

Kings Point Tug

N - 70 Ft Built in 1956, by Equitable Equipment of Madisonville, Louisiana  for the Curtis Bay Towing Company of Baltimore, Maryland. She was a single screw tug, rated at 2,400 horse... Find Out More

Sachem/ Rock Pile

N- 70ft / 70ft  Lying on it's port side this old schooner barge probably carried a cargo of coal, a good lobster wreck with many crevices. Wreck 2 is the rock pile stand 20 feet off ... Find Out More

Red Oak Cutter

N - 45 Ft The Red Oak was the fifth of five 157-foot coastal buoy tenders built by the Coast Guard Yard that entered service between 1964 and 1971. They were the first new class... Find Out More


N - 70 Ft Winthrop was one of twenty sisters built at Bath Iron Works. They were given to the French government under the Marshal Plan to make up for losses to the fishing fleet in W... Find Out More

Georgia Moran

N - 70 Ft Built in 1949, by Levingston Shipbuilding of Orange, Texas the Georgia Moran was powered by a single, Cleveland 16-278A diesel-electric engine. She was a single screw tug, rated... Find Out More

Texas Star

N-W - 80 Ft The Texas Star was built in 1977 on a multi-purpose supply ship hull, probably to service offshore oil platforms. The vessel was refitted as a floating casino in 1986&nbs... Find Out More

Student Dive

Student Introductory open water dive  Destination TBA in lake or Quarry  How to register:  Your openwater experience is the fulfilment of your certification. Your preparation and ... Find Out More