Local Charter Dive Levels

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Newly certified, student in training, tour guide required (maximum 80 feet)(Open Water Certification or Student)




Wreck Diver 

Wreck Diver in Advanced Diver training for or equal to an  introductory wreck diver. Tour guides may be required depending on experience. (maximum 110 feet)(Advanced Certification) 








Wreck Diver Select

Wreck Diver for or equal to Advanced Wreck diver. Selection based on previous  recommendation of boat captain or satisfactory experience with Atlantic Divers. (maximum 130 feet) (Advanced - Nitrox Certification)




Experienced, seasoned, independent, wreckdiver with proper equipment, certifications, previous satisfactory experience with Atlantic Divers, and attitude for experienced technical level diving. (maximum 200 feet) (Advanced Nitrox, Decompression certification, or mixed gas rebreather certification).


Experienced Select

Experienced Deep wreck diver selected (experience selected beyond 200 feet or any special conditional dives). Reccomendations by boat captain or previous experience evaluations with Atlantic Divers. Note: Attitudes are evaluated along with experience and certification (Advanced Nitrox, Trimix or mixed gas rebreather certification with Dive Master Approval).