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W - 90 Ft Built in 1914, the Poseidon was powered by a steam, triple expansion engine, single screw giving 10.5 knots. In 1918 she was requisitioned by the US Government. On the... Find Out More

Sea Hag / Mildred

W -  90 Ft / 90 ft This large wooden trawler sank upright 12 miles east of Barnegat light. It remain covered in mussels and loaded with lobster. The Mildred is a rock pile of stone, also... Find Out More

Offshore Tug

W - 90 Ft Remains of a steamer with a large boiler and toppled steam engine, gets it name for being offshore of the Great Isaac. Super seabass, lobster and dinner wreck. Typical Scotch bo... Find Out More

Great Isaac

W - 90 Ft The Great Isaac was a large ocean-going tug that sank due to a collision in 1947.  The Great Isaac sits in 90 feet of water and is intact lying on its p... Find Out More


W - 75 Ft The Chaparra, a Cuban steamship, was built in 1906 in Scotland. On October 27, 1918, she was carrying 2,000 tons of sugar headed to the Federal Sugar Refining Com... Find Out More

San Saba

W - 75 Ft This freighter was built 1879, powered by coal-fired steam. She was sunk on October 1918, while heading south from New York to Florida. The San Saba was carrying general cargo f... Find Out More


W -  90 Ft The Cleopatra, a passenger freighter, sank together with the paddle wheeler, Crystal Wave, nearby in a collision on October 29, 1889. Whale oil lamps, cabin bells, pu... Find Out More

Crystal Wave

W - 90 Feet The Crystal Wave is a wooden-hulled sidewheel excursion steamer that sank on October 29, 1889 following a nighttime collision with the passenger-freighter Cleopatra. Toda... Find Out More


W - 90 Feet The tanker Gulf Trade was built in 1920 she was 430 feet long, 59 feet wide, and weighed 6,776 gross tons. On March 10, 1942, under the command of Captain Torger Ols... Find Out More


W - 90 Ft The sinking of the Vizcaya was truly a maritime tragedy. The coal schooner Cornelius Hargraves was apparently under full sail at night with no running lights... Find Out More

Charlemagne Tower

W - 75 Ft Unable to keep way in rough seas because of failing engines, the wood-hulled Charlemagne Tower was running for the shore to beach herself when she foundered and sank. ... Find Out More

Deleware Reef

W - 80 Ft A selection of artificial and natural wrecks lie in the section 15 miles south of Cape May.       Find Out More


W - 90 Ft The Fatuk was a Japanese long-line fishing ship, converted from a refrigerated freighter. It was confiscated by the U.S. Customs Service for attempting to smuggle 2000... Find Out More


W - 90 Ft The Tolten was built in 1938, with a 280 foot length. This Chilean freighter, was a neutral ship during the war, but when unloading in the US. The Tolten was required to follow ... Find Out More

Dorothy B. Barrett

W - 100 Ft Built in 1904 the Dorothy B Barrett was a five masted schooner. Sunk August 14, 1918 by U-117. Find Out More